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Reese Stuffed Oreos

Posted By: Josh Booth · 2/25/2013 11:51:00 AM

Double Stuffed Oreos
Reeses Peanut Butter Cups (regular size)
and melted chocolate for dipping

Directions: Twist an oreo apart, put a peanut butter cup on top of the white stuff, twist another oreo apart and stack it. Gently push them together. The white acts as glue and holds the Reeses in place.

Melt the chocolate bark and dip'em!
I have learned I like the Kroger brand chocolate bark.
I take 3 squares at a time and melt in 30 second increments in the microwave. 3 squares at a time seems to have the perfect consistency. If I do more, it starts to thicken up too quickly and then becomes a big frustrating mess.

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