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Psalm 23 For the Workplace

Posted By: Joe Cronauer · 3/13/2014 3:30:00 PM

The Lord is my real boss, and I shall not want.
He gives me peace, when chaos is all around me.
He gently reminds me to pray and do all things without murmuring or complaining.

He reminds me that He is my source and not my job.
He restores my sanity everyday and guides my decisions that I might honor Him in all I do.

Even though I face absurd amounts of e-mail, system crashes, copier jams, unrealistic deadlines, staff shortages, budget cutbacks, red tape, downsizing, gossiping co-workers, discriminating supervisors and an aging body that doesn't cooperate every morning (or afternoon!) I still  won't give up, for He is with me!

His presence, His peace and His power will see me through.
He raises me up, even when the boss fails to promote me.
He claims me as HIS own, even when the company threatens to let me go.
His Faithfulness and love are better than a bonus check.
His retirement plan beats any 401K, and when it's all said and done,  I'll be working for Him a whole lot longer!

For that I will PRAISE HIS NAME!

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  1. Redrover1957 posted on 11/08/2013 02:40 PM
    Joe, thank you for that reminder. I have had so much of that stuff trying to ruin me. Even to the point of being on probation with a possibility of losing my (job) on December 30. It was a wonderful reminder that I work for a loving Heavenly Father who loves me and cares for me more than any boss or anyone can. I work for Him. Thanks Joe.
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