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Two Glories

Posted By: Mark Rein · 12/20/2012 2:52:00 PM

Crisscrossing the Christian life are two glories.

Jesus had some followers in high places who kept their loyalty to Him a secret lest it tarnish their glory in the eyes of others.  They were driven by a need for human approval and respect.  This glory feeds on recognition, approval, praise, and honor from others.  Whole lives are lived in chase of it, and egos grow to monumnetal size with this glory.  That's human glory.

The other glory comes from God.  Neither earned nor awarded, God's glory is simply received.  Witnesses of God's glory testify to it.  The glory they talk about shines beyond the great signs and wonders or the amazing miracles they have experienced.  When they talk about glory, these witnesses talk about the glory of the cross of Jesus Christ.  There, where God seems at His weakest and becomes servant of all, we see His glory at its best, a glory received by faith. This glory bestows God's approval for us sinners becasue Jesus traded places with us on the cross by taking on our guilt and sin and giving us His righteousness.

Crisscrossing the Christian life are two glories, but the only saving one shines from the Godward side.

From Portals of Prayer, Concordia Publish House

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