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SAVE AT TARGET! Make sure you're using all these ways to save...

Posted By: Morning Show · 10/24/2014 5:33:00 AM

How many times have you said, “I need to make a Target Run”. I’ve even seen #TargetRun in Tweets! Shopping at Target is fun. Saving money at Target? Now, that's just a blast.

Also... Target announced recently that it would offer free shipping through December 20th,2014. This move puts Target neck-to-neck with Amazon, its largest online competitor for holiday shopping and online shopping in general.

1. Use Target Coupons

Be sure to check Target.com for coupons before you head to the store. You'll find coupons for groceries, clothing, housewares, office supplies and more, and these store coupons can be used in conjunction with manufacturer coupons and Cartwheel offers (more on that later) to create a really sweet deal.

2. Sign Up for the Mobile Coupon Program

Turn your cell phone into a source of savings by signing up for Target's mobile coupon program. A fresh batch of store coupons will be sent to ...


Posted By: Morning Show · 10/22/2014 6:00:00 AM

At a certain age, we might not be quite as enthusiastic about birthdays as we once were.  

On the bright side, a lot of stores and restaurants will use your birthday as an opportunity to reward you if you have registered your email address or have a store loyalty card.  Many restaurants will send you a coupon for a discount or a free appetizer or dessert.  Did you know Starbucks will treat you to a freebie on your birthday when you register a gift card online or on their app.  Panera loads a free treat onto your card. Here are some birthday freebies suggestions! REMEMBER.... For most of these you need to sign up for some kind of email club or special rewards program: And make sure to register your kids’ birthdays:–I get four discounts for Children’s Place throughout the year that way! Here is my list - I ...

What to Buy in Bulk

Posted By: Morning Show · 10/20/2014 6:54:00 AM

What to Buy in Bulk


Today I want to flag some of my favorite items to buy in bulk, alongside the items to avoid. I have a full found-up of the best bulk deals today.

5 Worst Bulk Buys:

1. Soda: Why? Promotions can often be found at non-bulk stores and better deals often rotate toward the middle of month.
2. Condiments: Why? Unless you're a sharing these orders or splitting it among a huge household, they often expire before they can feasibly be consumed.
3. Beauty Products: Why? In most cases the shelf life is 6 months to one year and performance is greatly impacted upon expiration.
4. Generic Diapers - Walmart, Target, or Amazon are often cheaper!

5. Bleach – It degrades after 6 months, so no use stockpiling unless you need a ton at the moment.

5 Best Bulk buys: 

1. Batteries

2. All those paper products, plastic wear. 

3. Gift ...

SARA SMILES: Mom convinces Michael Buble to Sing with her son!

Posted By: Morning Show · 10/17/2014 5:23:00 AM
Are you child's biggest cheerleader? Of course you. I am too! 

Well, wait to you see what this mom did. A loving, yet persistent, mom convinced Michael Bublé to give her young son a chance to sing with him while attending his concert. Getting caught up in the moment, Michel decided to take a risk and allow him on stage. What happened next stunned everyone in the arena!
Take a listen to this... 

Persistent Mother Convinces Michael Bublé to Let Her Son Sing...And He FLOORS Everyone! from theremix on GodTube.

Money Saving Habits That Could Backfire!

Posted By: Morning Show · 10/15/2014 7:19:00 AM

Some of our money-saving habits could actually be costing us money: 

The first bad money habit: Not carrying cash. Research found that people using plastic are willing to pay twice as much for items as people paying in cash. That’s because paying with a credit card distances us from the transaction. And makes it feel like we’re spending play money. 

Another habit that’s hurting our finances: We compartmentalize our spending, and cut corners on some things, while we splurge on others. Research shows, most of us separate our money into categories based on its intended use. For example, we’ll go out of our way to buy cheap gas, but we’ll splurge on supermarket sushi. That’s because we think of things like gasoline and groceries as two unrelated budget items - even though all the money is coming from the same place.  

The next bad financial habit is for guys: ...

When This Boy Saw Someone Being Bullied, He Stepped In. And You'll Love HOW He Did It!

Posted By: Morning Show · 10/14/2014 5:22:00 AM

This group of students won’t stand for bullying at their school! And they are standing up for each other in this amazing lip-dub music video to “Who Do U Think U Are”. Now THIS is incredible! The video opens up with some "staged bulling" and another student stepping in to say they don't let that happen at their school . The music then steps in with a powerful message. I don't know what I loved more, this catchy tune or the powerful message! But I do know it made my morning and put a smile on my face.

Shopping Tips! What to buy now and what to wait for...

Posted By: Morning Show · 10/13/2014 6:55:00 AM

This was the last holiday shopping weekend we'll see till Black Friday. But if you didn't get out this weekend for any shopping, no fear... the real deals are yet to come. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are going to have great deals this year... And Cyber Monday will probably be even better this with incredible online deals! 

What should you wait for? What items should you avoid Columbus Day? 

What Not to Buy

  • HDTVs, Laptops, Electronics – New television models hit the stores right around the holidays, and the best deals on HDTVs and electronics are during Black Friday sales, so hold out just a little bit longer if you can. However, if you must purchase a new HDTV to watch your football team, you can save up to 25%.
  • Clothing – Overall, October is not the time to buy new fall clothes since you’ll largely find them at full price. ...


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