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3-year-old born with just one arm has an incredible, and inspirational, golf game

Posted By: Morning Show · 9/22/2014 5:29:00 AM

At just 3 years old, Tommy Morrisey can swing a golf club better than most people. What's more, Tommy was born with just one arm, but you'd never notice that from his impressive swing.

His parents say his fascination with the sport started very early on. He started watching golf on TV at just 13 months old, and then at 18 months old, he began mimicking the players he observed.

Tommy can hit the ball over 100 yards an incredible feat on its own for someone his age. The fact he is able to do it one-handed, though, has inspired many.

Tommy, however, may still need to learn a few things, says his Dad, he still likes to hit the ball in the water because he’s 3, he doesn’t understand that’s bad yet.”

This High School Football Player Could Teach the NFL (and All of Us) a Lesson or Two

Posted By: Morning Show · 9/22/2014 2:58:00 AM

A High School football player  could have a career in motivational speaking and even teach the NFL and all of us a lesson or two... Apollos Hester, a high school football player was asked, "What were you guys able to do to come back and win this thing?” following his team’s remarkable 42-41 comeback win...

Mat Franco: iPhone Magic Trick - America's Got Talent 2014

Posted By: Morning Show · 9/19/2014 4:54:00 AM

If you missed it "America's Got Talent" crowned its season 9 champion Wednesday night... Mat Franco! It is the first time an illusionist has won the competition. Mat is a self-taught magician who got his start touring college campuses. 
Matts Grand Prize… $1 million bugs and a Vegas Show. .

H"app"y Savings!

Posted By: Morning Show · 9/18/2014 7:00:00 AM

HAPPY Savings!

3 Free Smartphone Apps that help you SAVE $


Thanks to free apps like the following it has never been easier to save money! There are tons out there, but I’m sharing a few of my personal favorite apps with you.

Here ya go! 

1.     Retail Me Not – thousands of coupons in your pocket. You will almost always have a coupon for retail stores when you need it! You can easily search for the coupons you want, check out the deal of the day and browse categories and trending deals to find the best offers available. 

2.     Red Laser & Amazon Price Check – Two different apps, but they are very similar. Use these while you’re shopping and want to compare prices at others stores. Simply scan the item using one of the apps. The item will populate and tell you the prices at others stores, including online stores.  Amazon ...

Awesome new Coke Ad...Say "Thank You" and learn someones name

Posted By: Morning Show · 9/16/2014 3:05:00 AM

Have you seen the coke cans with different names on them? Watch this beautiful Coke Ad. It has more than 1 million views in just a few days. Stick with it...about half way through you'll get it. It's a reminder that it's no enough to say "thank you". It's just as important to get to know the people we are thanking...

Brides emotional father dance with her dying father

Posted By: Morning Show · 9/11/2014 7:05:00 AM

When Lisa Wilson realized her father’s advanced cancer stages would prevent him from attending her wedding, she rearranged her plans to bring the ceremony to his hospital room — allowing for an emotional father-daughter dance that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible.

She told her father, ‘Daddy, I want to do my father-daughter dance with you.” “He said, ‘I can’t dance,’ and Lisa said, ‘you don’t have to. I want to dance with your hands. She grasped his hands as the Whitney Houston version of “I Will Always Love You” played in the background.

Lisa’s dad, David Wilson, described the moment as the best gift a daughter could give.


Salvage / Discount Grocery Locations in Ohio

Posted By: Morning Show · 9/11/2014 5:51:00 AM

Salvage Grocery Store Directory

In Ohio

D & S Discount Grocery,8828 Dover Road, Ph 330-698-0137

Stites Grocery,3524 County Road 130, 937-593-9223

Shedd Road Salvage,15067 Shedd Road

Discount Grocery Outlet,900 South Pickaway Street, Ph 740-474-6501

ComeUNITY Marketplace, 305 Main Street
Store Hours:
Monday > Friday – 9:00 am > 5:00 pm
Saturday                 9:00 am > 2:00 pm
Sunday – Closed
Burl Lemon – Executive Director
(740) 453-1323 x102
Bill Barker – Business Manager
(740) 621–656

R Grocery Outlet,214 Market Avenue, Ph 330-294-0876

Kinsman General,6416 Kinsman-Nickerson Rd., Ph 330-876-7283

Daly’s Discount Groceries, 506 North Main St., Ph 419-225-2907
Stites Grocery,8100 Harding Hwy, Ph 419-225-9710

Nice Finds,7079 Alliance Rd, Ph 330-546-5820

B & K Salvage, 5515 Kinsman Road (SR 87)
Kurtz Salvage, 16777 Shedd Road
Nature’s Nook Grocery & Salvage Store, 12960 Bundysburg Rd., Ph 440-272-5079
The Surplus Outlet Store, 15240 Shedd ...



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