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Pre-Release Screening of: "This Is Our Time"

Friends Church of WIlloughby Hills
Saturday, March 16, 2013
6:30 PM


7th Street Theater Presents: “Death Row” at 6:30pm
Convicted of murder, a man named Benson (Shane Willimon) sits hours before his scheduled execution as an angry, guilty, and scared man. At his request for a preacher (Hugh McLean), the two engage in a soul searching conversation. This is a penetrating drama that takes you inside a prison cell and the life of a man who knows that in less than three hours...he will die. If you want to know what's really most important in life, listen to a man who is on death row.

“This is Our Time” Premieres at 7:00pm
Dove "Family-Approved" Seal to this film for all ages. Dove’s Highest Rating:
This movie will inspire you and speak to you! For anyone who has ever undergone serious trials or wondered why God allowed certain events (i.e. "everyone") this is a movie you will relate to. Erin Bethea of "Fireproof" stars in this wonderful film about being what we are meant to be for God, even when we don't like or understand the "doing" part of of our lives. Several Christian friends head out from college with big dreams, including Alexandria and Luke, Ryder and Catherine and Alexandria's brother Ethan. Ethan wants to go on to grad school but is not accepted and winds up working at a local diner trying to understand why God has him there. Alexandria and Luke are married and move to India to minister to children. However, right in the middle of their ministry a tragedy occurs. Ryder and Catherine seem likely to end up together but Ryder dates a girl who is not right for him. Catherine is working with an unscrupulous boss (Erik Estrada) and has to decide whether to confront him or not. Everyone has his/her faith challenged but as they seek God they learn that God is more concerned with who they are in those moments rather than what they do career-wise. This is an inspiring movie that will entertain the viewer with a quality story in addition to stimulating serious thinking about the unpleasant events of one's life.

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