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The Art of Marriage

Oak River Church - Solon, OH
Wednesday, January 15, 2014 to Wednesday, February 19, 2014
7:00pm - 8:00pm

The Art of Marriage conference will be held Wednesday evenings beginning January 15, 2014 and run approximately 1 - 2 hours each Wednesday for 6 weeks.

Contact: Oak River Church via phone or email with questions about the event or payment.  Oakriverchurch@Yahoo.com or 440-248-1311.

Childcare and coffee will be provided.

Join us for the Art of Marriage
- a six video session program created by FamilyLife Ministry that combines dramatic stories, real-life testimonies, expert interviews, humorous vignettes and other teaching methods to lay out God’s design for marriage in a fresh, engaging way.  Guests attending the event are each provided a manual with projects to help them apply the principles taught in each session, augmented by dozens of articles and additional content to help them dive deeper.

God can turn any marriage into a masterpiece. Your marriage and the marriages around you are colored by personalities, passions and experiences. Making marriage work is a divinely inspired art form.

 - Love Happens: God's Purpose and Plan
 - Love Fades: Overcoming Isolation
 - Love Dances: Fulfilling Our Responsibilities
 - Love Interrupted: Communication and Conflict
 - Love Sizzles: Experiencing Real Intimacy
 - Love Always: Leaving a Lasting Legacy

The mission of FamilyLife is to build godly marriages and families that will change the world, one home at a time. It expands with our compassion for families in need of help, and for those the Bible calls helpless. Through our getaways, broadcasts, web site, and resources, we are seeing God rewrite the legacies of husbands, wives, and children everywhere.


Oak River Church
32405 Aurora Road
Solon, OH 44139