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Building Kids' Character in a Culture of Plenty

Maybe it's because I grew up poor myself and I know firsthand the powerful lessons poverty can teach.  I'm grateful my husband and I are ... Read More

How to Reach Beyond the Loneliness of Single Parenthood

I waved as they drove off and Jennifer waved back, with the excitement of spending the day at the corn maze bursting through her beaming ... Read More

Spring Cleaning: Cleaning the Heart and the Home

In the past week or so I’ve stepped on at least five rogue hi-ho-cherry-o cherries, found two stray sippy-cups with curdled milk, lost the mates ... Read More

The Unengaged Marriage

 We all journey into marriage with our hearts brimming over with hopes and dreams. But all the aspirations in the world don’t stop life from jumping in ... Read More

National Day of Prayer

Thursday, May 2nd is the National Day of Prayer. Find out how YOU can get involved and pray for our nation! Go to The NATIONAL ... Read More

Holiday Video Feature: "Empty"

While empty may be perceived as a burden in our lives, empty is what gives us promise for the days ahead. For all who believe ... Read More

Video: Easter Flash Mob! 2000 Christians!

Over 2,000 people from Second Baptist Church, Houston, Texas, gathered to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. They called it "Dance Your Shoes Off!" and each ... Read More

What I Wish I Had Known as a New Mom

A nurse stood at the foot of my hospital bed and smiled. “Are you ready to go home today?” I looked at her, felt every ... Read More

Do You Believe That God Is For You?

Have you ever had a favorite passage you've read for years and then one day, you find there is something still to be learned from ... Read More

Turn Good Lunchboxes into Great Lunchboxes

(Family Features) A recent survey from Walmart found that moms consider the back to school season a fresh start over January 1, and that 61 ... Read More