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Are You Just Too Busy?

Are you a busy mom? I know. What a silly question. Kind of like asking a new mother if she’s tired or chocolate if it’s ... Read More

Boyfriend Dresses Up as Santa to Propose to Choir Director

During their high school choir director's Christmas recital, the director's boyfriend, Zach Smith, surprised her on stage by dressing up as Santa and proposing in ... Read More

10 Ways to Reconnect After Baby

“First comes love, then comes marriage. Then comes the baby in the baby carriage.” Or so the song goes. But after baby, what happens to ... Read More

There Really Was a Saint Nicholas!

  The year was 280 A.D. This was twenty-one years prior to the country of Armenia, Asia Minor (present day Turkey) rejecting the Persian Zoroastrian ... Read More

The Heart of Holiday Hospitality

I’m not gonna lie. Pinterest is stressing me lately. All the holiday wreaths and centerpieces and mantel-scapes and place cards and DIY mason jar décor. ... Read More

6 Smart Ways to Save Money This Christmas

  “I hate Christmas shopping… I have everything lined up to get done by certain dates, and if those things don’t get done then I’m ... Read More

Video: Silent Monks Performing "Halleljia Chorus"

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Top 10 Holiday Relationship Tips

While simplifying your holiday season, take time for relationships to thrive, not just survive the holidays. Keep those relationships balanced with your holiday planning. People ... Read More

3 Reasons Why You Need to Stop Living in the Past

It can be easy to live in the past instead of focusing on the here and now. How many times have you replayed a decision ... Read More

The Power of a Transformed Marriage

The Crowley's marriage was as good as ended -- adultery, narcissistic carousing, tempers.  Anyone would have said it was over. But something amazing happened in ... Read More