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Dating As A Single Mom

Oh, the ol’ bugaboo of dating as a single mom. Should you? Shouldn’t you? It’s a tough question that requires a great deal of thought ... Read More

Quick After School Bites

Salsa Ranch Dipping Sauce Between carpool, homework, sports and other activities, it can be tough to fit in an after-school snack to hold the kids ... Read More

Do You Want to Grow Old Together?

As they talked in the hospital room about their long-ago meeting that included one of Mama's former suitors, eighty-two-year-old Papa took her hand and said, ... Read More

Mom Gives Her Adopted Daughter 20-Year-Old Note at Her Wedding

Sherry Blackledge and her husband Craig wanted children more than anything. After trying to have children, God’s plan was for them to adopt instead – ... Read More

3 Steps to to Resuscitate the Romance in Your Marriage

I know quite a few women who start in with the complaints as Valentine's Day nears. My husband doesn't have a romantic bone in his ... Read More

How to Be Sure You're Marrying "The One"

If Christian marriages are to picture the gospel as the Bible says they should (Eph. 5:22-33), then believers who are in dating relationships need to ... Read More

Turn Good Lunchboxes into Great Lunchboxes

(Family Features) A recent survey from Walmart found that moms consider the back to school season a fresh start over January 1, and that 61 ... Read More

Confessions of a Hyper-Planner

I confess: I didn’t have the time to write this article. In fact, I believe this article really should have been entitled “Confessions of a ... Read More

A Dance of a Lifetime Brings Tears to Mom's Eyes

If you could do ANYTHING with your family, what would it be?  One family's idea would turn out to be a massive surprise and blessing ... Read More

10 Things You Never Need to Worry About

As I’ve grown older, I’ve made it a point to not waste a day worrying about something I can’t control. I wish I’d had that ... Read More