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The Biggest (and Most Surprising) Threat to Your Marriage

When we begin our life together, we sometimes imagine that the right choices will be obvious. Enemies of our relationship will loom large and ugly ... Read More

Mother's Touch Brings Life to Newborn Baby

For Kate Ogg and her husband David, the arrival of twins finally fulfilled their wishes to have their first child and become new parents. However, ... Read More

Stop Trying to be 'All the Moms'

These days, we must be “all the moms.” Each of us are to be The Fun Mom, The Organized Mom, The Pinterest Mom, The Soccer ... Read More

Keeping Up with the Joneses

Peer pressure, cultural expectations, “reasonable standard of living” – I don’t care how you say it; we all need to be accepted by our crowd ... Read More

When God is Silent

It was dark. The silence was deafening. Nothingness. It was my eighth consecutive night of virtually no sleep. I was surrounded with only my thoughts. ... Read More

6 Reasons Marriages Hit Rough Waters

      Two nights ago, Stasi was in an accident. She was making a left- hand turn, hit a patch of ice, and slammed ... Read More

On Loving Those Teenage Girls

When school is in session, and have weekly meetings with my girls small group (now 10th graders!), I’ve been thinking about what it means to ... Read More

I Just Want to Be Happy

“I just want to be happy.” We hear that regularly from people who want to end their marriages. The premise is simple: I am not ... Read More

5 Ways to Help You Overcome Boredom in Marriage

I glanced at my cellphone’s screen as the ringtone went off and was pleasantly surprised to see that my husband Russ was calling while he ... Read More

5 Things Your Kid Should Understand before She Gets Her First Smart Phone

  You do want her to be safe. But it’s difficult to protect your child against danger if she doesn’t know she needs protecting. Dangers ... Read More