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"I Believe in You!" The Power of Encouragement in Marriage

"I've hit the wall!" That was my first thought when I felt an intense tingling throughout my body. "This can't be happening now!" I pleaded ... Read More

Are You Comfortable In Your Own Skin?

These days it is so easy to feel insecure about our appearance. Whether it's from the mean comments of others, or the photoshopped glamour images ... Read More

Sharpen Students’ Minds with Proper Nutrition

Bells will soon be ringing, and parents may experience a sense of déjá vu for the first several weeks of school. That’s because the early ... Read More

Parenting: Do We Really Know What We're Doing?

You think you’ve got this parenting thing all figured out. You know the right Bible verses, the squares on the consequences chart, and the ways ... Read More

12 Tips to have a ROCKIN' Garage Sale!

    1. Price it Right.  Everything should have a price tag. Don’t leave it up to the shopper to guess how much an item costs, ... Read More

6 Myths That are Killing Your Marriage

I’ve been there. Only a few years after my wife Missy and I married, we were ready to call it quits. It wasn’t one big ... Read More

The 5-Minute Challenge: Get More Accomplished in Less Time Today

Do you have a mental list of projects that you’re going to do “some day” but just never get around to? Do you secretly wish ... Read More

10 Tips for Praying as a Couple

“Bless you both,” I heard as my husband, Dave, and I opened our eyes after praying over our dinner in the Seattle airport food court. ... Read More

8 Ways to Protect Your Children from Cyberbullying

It’s a sad reality that children today are being innocent victims of the anger and frustration of other kids their age. The Internet, and new ... Read More

Jesus is Your Cure for Loneliness, Not Facebook

It’s an all-too-familiar scenario. I feel bored with my life, or my house, or my clothes, and so I check Instagram or Facebook. Perhaps I ... Read More