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Your Child's Shrinking Attention Span

When my children were preschool age, we attended a “mommy and me” music class. The kids and moms got to sit on mats, sing songs, ... Read More

Change the Climate of Your Marriage

    Focus on communication.  The single greatest factor that influences what your marriage conflict is like is how you communicate with your spouse.  More ... Read More

How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

  Make Wise Organic ChoicesWe’re all concerned with consuming unnecessary chemicals in our foods. But before you decide to go “all organic, all the ... Read More

A Christian Couple's Journey to Adoption

This touching story follows the journey of a young couple who, after trying to conceive for nine years, finally get to meet their adopted baby ... Read More

5 Lessons to Learn from Your Toddler

As my son has recently transitioned from being a toddler to a preschooler, he has definitely come into his own and developed more of a ... Read More

Embrace Childhood with Fun & Flavors of Winter

Gingerbread Hot ChocolateRocky Road Hot Chocolate Nearly 70 percent of Americans agree that hot chocolate is the drink that most reminds them of their ... Read More

9 Most Dangerous Apps for Kids

In 2013, a twelve-year-old girl was lured away from her home by a 21 year-old-man. Once they met, he took her to a motel and ... Read More

Dinner Tips for Picky Eaters

Pan-Sautéed Orange Chicken with Broccoli (Family Features) When it comes to promoting a healthy diet, it can be difficult to convince children to eat their ... Read More

Celebrate Spousal Differences

    My husband Bill loves his coffee. I am not a coffee drinker, really. I might drink a non-fat latte but for the most ... Read More

How to Trust God Again after Unanswered Prayer

I’ve prayed a lot of prayers the last few years that have gone unanswered, at least, that’s how I’ve viewed them. My nephew is one ... Read More


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