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The Complexity of Simplicity!







Even I am tired of hearing myself talk about how I want a simpler life.

I've been going on and on and on and on for a year now about how I want to pull back in every area so that I can have more time for my husband and baby boy.

But nothing changes, and I keep yapping about how I want a simpler life.

So, this New Year, I thought I would share some concrete steps that I have begun taking to create more time and take away some stress!  I would love, love, love to hear about what YOU do to keep your job, mail, requests from friends, traffic, etc. from taking over.  Email me or connect on FB or at http://www.thefishla.com/Showdj/MOSType-ScheduledShow-Lara-Scott.

1.  Buying things in bulk and combining errands.  I always resist buying in bulk, because it seems like a lot of $$$ up front.  BUT, you do end up saving money (if you actually use all of the power bars, etc.), and you also save time and  gas $$$ since you will be running back to the store less.  And if you can combine errands, you save yourself the 5 minutes (okay, 30 when you factor in looking for your keys and finding your child's missing shoe) it takes to get out of the house and into the car.

2.  Reading books on the computer vs. running to the store or to the library.  If you have Ibooks or Kindle, do a search for free books.  You can also "check out" a lot of books from the library now and read them on your computer.  Less time in the car and running around--hooorayyyy! 

3.  Limiting emails.  I"ve signed up for so many wonderful newsletters over the past year, and I actually read about 5 of them on a regular basis.  All of that time spent deleting and sorting adds up, so I"m just going ahead and unsubscribing from the rest of them.  It's weird, because it kind of feels like how you feel great when you're cleaning out a closet, but like I am lightening a mental load.  Somebody stop me!  I'm  going crazy with SafeUnsubscribe! 

4.  Taking us off of everyone's snail mail list.  We always give to charities online, yet we are bombarded with print materials.  I always feel so bad that they've wasted a stamp and the time putting everything together, so I"m calling and nicely explaining the situation and thanking them for their good work.  Less time sorting, recycling, and shredding for us!  You ARE shredding anything with your info on it, right?  Right?!

5.  When we receive an invitation to something, responding with, "I'd like to let you know when we get closer to that day."  I tend to say yes to everything, and then, when the event rolls around, it's been a week where I've been swamped with work, my hubby is travelling, and the baby is cranky, but it's too late to pull out.  We are really going to take our time in deciding what to commit to in 2011, and I"ll be frank here--it feels awful to know that we are going to miss out on a lot of special events with people that we care about.  BUT, the stress at our house of trying to constantly be on the go almost brought my husband and I to the point of splitting up this past year.  So, we will be checking "Maybe" on the Evite.  And I am totally okay with you blaming me if you would like to try this.  "Susan, I'd love to, but I promised my friend Lara that I"m going to wait until the day of the birthday party to commit.  We are trying to hold each other accountable when it comes to simplifying our lives in 2011.  I love you, and will send you a really nice present if I don't make it."

Lara Scott is on the air middays on KFSH, Los Angeles

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