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Top FIVE Ways to Save on Groceries


Shop the “loss leaders”
– Each week the grocery stores feature sale items (usually found on the front page of the sales flyer) that are considered loss leaders. This just means, they sometimes lose money on these lead items in hopes that you’ll spend money on other products in the store. Loss leaders are usually meats, produce and dairy. But beware, just because an item is in the sales flyer, doesn’t mean it’s a great price!

Use coupons w/ sales – Yes, coupons are great. But they’re CRAZY great when you wait and use them when the product is on sale! That’s when you’ll get the deepest discount. You’ll find that most items go on sale in stores  2-3 weeks after you’ve clipped the coupon.

Buy the smallest size – The warehouse stores have trained us to think “bigger is better.” But when using a coupon, buying the smallest size available is always the best choice. This ensures you get the lowest cost per unit/ounce.  And to help you determine the best value of items, always carry a calculator!

Meal planning – Shop in your pantry before you ever hit the stores. Oftentimes, I find a hodgepodge of random items, and I’ll plug in those ingredients to Allrecipes.com to see if I can find a suitable recipe to help me use up those items before spending money on more items.

Get a Chest Freezer – When you have an extra freezer, you can stock up on loss leaders, manager mark-downs and seasonal fruits and veggies.  My freezer is almost always full of milk, bread, cheese, chicken, beef and seafood. You can also make double batches of meals and place one in the freezer. This saves you time and energy down the road.

The Coupon Crazy Mommy, began couponing as a young girl (back before it was “cool” to be frugal). Decades later, she’s still passionate about saving money and shares the latest HOT deals and bargains at www.couponcrazymommy.com.

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