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What Makes a Mom "Real?"


That's right – your children don't have to be raised by "the perfect mom" to grow up to be good, decent, hardworking, honest, fun-loving, caring, responsible adults.

But what they do need is something every mother can give. Kids need mothers who aren't afraid to be Real Moms.

"Okay – so â What Makes a Mom Real?'" you ask. Good question . . . one that isn't easily answered. And yet, there is a way to remember the 8 key attributes of "real moms."

"What Makes a Mom Real" is the fact that she . . . .

Recognizes that baby wipes can clean more than dirty baby bottoms;

Expects to have someone else with her in the bathroom when she "really needs to go;"

Acknowledges that McDonald's is actually one of the four basic food groups;

Lets her kids eat food off the floor so they can add extra fiber to their diet;

Makes the carpool run to school in her pajamas;

Occasionally picks the pacifier off the floor, licks it, then gives it back to the fussy baby in the grocery store;

Might be so tired the morning after an all-nighter with her three-year-old that she accidentally brushes her teeth with hemorrhoid crème;

Shows other moms that she doesn't "have it all together" – and that that's okay.

If you're longing to be free to accept your imperfections . . . and not to feel so guilty about your limitations . . . you can. Ask the Lord for guidance. Get involved with other mothers (that means joining a group like MOPS!).

Mothering was not meant to be done alone. So find a friend to help you through it. You can do it . . . as long as you "keep it real."

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