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Incredibly, Disney & Brad Bird Fail to Imbue "Tomorrowland" with Imagination, Inspiration

When I was nine years old, my parents took our family to Walt Disney World. I rode Space Mountain and the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ... Read More

It's No Real Surprise "Where Hope Grows"

Movies aimed at Christian audiences continue to be released at a relatively torrid pace in 2015. After years of requests for more movies that might ... Read More

Remarkable Heroes Remarkably Human in Enjoyable "Avengers: Age of Ultron"

While this probably sounds like sacrilege to the comic book faithful, I’m just going to say it anyway. After revisiting 2012’s The Avengers and screening ... Read More

"Little Boy" Tugs Big Time at Heartstrings

This fanciful, entertaining and earnest little film ponders the question of what it really means to have the faith of a child. We get this ... Read More

Ford Sparks Otherwise Sputtering "Age of Adaline"

It takes 70 minutes before Harrison Ford shows up in The Age of Adaline—a very long 70 minutes during which little in the film works ... Read More

Cinderella Story Gets Delightful Simian Spin in "Monkey Kingdom"

Let’s face it, cute and camera-friendly animals can't help winning over even the crankiest of critics. Regardless of this easy-to-love subject matter, however, Disneynature has ... Read More

Sparks Adaptation The Longest Ride Works for Both 'Rom' and 'Com'

It’s Spring, and when a young movie-goer's fancy turns to love, best-selling author Nicholas Sparks is ready to take her there. Based on the Sparks ... Read More

In Defense of Christian Cinema: A Review of "Do You Believe"?

Christian film critics and culture writers have written a recent spate of articles pondering what "Christian cinema" is, or should be. It's a question all ... Read More

EXCLUSIVE: "War Room" Movie Trailer

Opening in theaters nationwide August 28th and filled with the faith, humor, and the type of authentic characters loved by millions in the previous Kendrick ... Read More

Still Plenty of Magic Left in "Cinderella's" Glass Slipper

While the storyline is familiar, there’s no need for contempt because there's still plenty of magic left in that trademark glass slipper, including inspired direction ... Read More