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Cinderella Story Gets Delightful Simian Spin in "Monkey Kingdom"

Let’s face it, cute and camera-friendly animals can't help winning over even the crankiest of critics. Regardless of this easy-to-love subject matter, however, Disneynature has ... Read More

Sparks Adaptation The Longest Ride Works for Both 'Rom' and 'Com'

It’s Spring, and when a young movie-goer's fancy turns to love, best-selling author Nicholas Sparks is ready to take her there. Based on the Sparks ... Read More

In Defense of Christian Cinema: A Review of "Do You Believe"?

Christian film critics and culture writers have written a recent spate of articles pondering what "Christian cinema" is, or should be. It's a question all ... Read More

EXCLUSIVE: "War Room" Movie Trailer

Opening in theaters nationwide August 28th and filled with the faith, humor, and the type of authentic characters loved by millions in the previous Kendrick ... Read More

Still Plenty of Magic Left in "Cinderella's" Glass Slipper

While the storyline is familiar, there’s no need for contempt because there's still plenty of magic left in that trademark glass slipper, including inspired direction ... Read More

"The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" - Indeed

  An indie hit in 2012, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel magically fused sophistication with fluff. It was an irresistible charmer that allowed depth and ... Read More

Uplifting "McFarland, USA" is Worth Watching

  What happens when you mix a coach with no experience and a team with no prospects in a town with no hope? When it's ... Read More

High School Movies Get a Major Makeover with "The DUFF"

  Just as John Hughes's much-beloved classic The Breakfast Club makes its way back to theaters for its 30th anniversary, another high school-centric flick, ... Read More

Good Intentions Can't Keep "Old Fashioned" from Feeling Out of Touch

In what's being touted as "The Anti-Fifty Shades of Grey" for its decidedly counter-cultural approach to modern relationships, Old Fashioned may have its heart ... Read More

Newsboys' Hit Single "We Believe" Featured in Upcoming Easter TV Special

Last year, Newsboys had the opportunity to be a part of a record-breaking faith-based motion picture. God’s Not Dead saw unprecedented success at the box ... Read More