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"The Book of Life" Deals More in Death and Questionable Truth

  "What is it with Mexicans and death?" This question posed by one of the characters in The Book of Life may resonate with audiences ... Read More

Murray Excels as a Geezer with a Heart of Gold in "St. Vincent"

Who needs grumpy old men when you've got Bill Murray? Absolutely perfect as a curmudgeon who befriends a neighborhood kid for his own monetary gain, ... Read More

"The Best of Me" is Easily the Worst of Sparks

Christa Banister, Crosswalk.com Contributing Writer Release Date: October 17, 2014 Rating: PG-13 (sexuality, violence, some drug content and brief strong language) Genre: Drama/Romance Run Time: ... Read More

The Kendrick Bros Take Their Films Beyond Sherwood

With several successful films like "Courageous and "Fireproof" now under their belts, Christian filmmakers Alex and Stephen Kendrick are now putting the finishing touches on ... Read More

"Left Behind's" Gross Miscalculation: Too Little Eschatology, Too Much Disaster

For movie critics, there are only two types of movies: good and bad. When it comes to reviewing "Christian movies"—films made by Christians, with a ... Read More

"The Good Lie" Makes for a Good Reminder

"They call us the Lost Boys of Sudan but I don't think we are lost. I think we are found." Based on the true stories ... Read More

Filmmakers Seeking Child Audience Should Think Outside "The Boxtrolls"

In terms of pure strangeness (and how!) and lavish artistic splendor, The Boxtrolls is probably the best movie that Tim Burton (Frankenweenie) never made. ... Read More

Inspired by The Song of Solomon, but Feels More Like Ecclesiastes

The sins of the father are visited on the son in this modern parable inspired by the Old Testament. Struggling young singer-songwriter Jed King (Alan ... Read More

"Maze Runner" Not the Most Novel Dystopian Tale

The summer's over, but the dystopian movies aimed at teens keep coming. Those who missed Divergent and The Giver can take a crack at The ... Read More

FREE MUSIC ALERT: "The Song" Movie Soundtrack

About The Song Movie Soundtrack: Original music from the feature film, THE SONG, will release on September 30th! You'll also hear a new version of ... Read More