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Uplifting "McFarland, USA" is Worth Watching

  What happens when you mix a coach with no experience and a team with no prospects in a town with no hope? When it's ... Read More

High School Movies Get a Major Makeover with "The DUFF"

  Just as John Hughes's much-beloved classic The Breakfast Club makes its way back to theaters for its 30th anniversary, another high school-centric flick, ... Read More

Good Intentions Can't Keep "Old Fashioned" from Feeling Out of Touch

In what's being touted as "The Anti-Fifty Shades of Grey" for its decidedly counter-cultural approach to modern relationships, Old Fashioned may have its heart ... Read More

Newsboys' Hit Single "We Believe" Featured in Upcoming Easter TV Special

Last year, Newsboys had the opportunity to be a part of a record-breaking faith-based motion picture. God’s Not Dead saw unprecedented success at the box ... Read More

"Jupiter Ascending" Lacks Gravity but Owns Spectacle

The Wachowski siblings, the writer/director filmmaking duo, have built a career from the phenomenal success of The Matrix. But since then (and, really, starting with ... Read More

"Sponge Out of Water" Delivers on Fun, But without Much Depth

Ten years after The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, the multiple award-winning cartoon is back on the big screen with a new adventure. And this time, the ... Read More

Bridges Tries, but Even He Can't Salvage "Seventh Son"

Seventh Son must have sounded appealing to the cast members who signed on for the film, which, after an extremely long delay, finally released February 6, ... Read More

We Try Not to Gush Too Much Over "Black or White"

 "It's not true," Kevin Costner says about his latest film, "but it's truth." Inspired by a true story, Black or White is one of ... Read More

Teen Time Travel Tale "Project Almanac" Struggles to Take Off

Time-travel movies are among the most time-tested (no pun intended) of movie genres, and the characters in Project Almanac are among its biggest fans. As ... Read More

Surprise! "Paddington" an Engrossing Kids' Film with Charm and Loveliness for All

"Please look after this bear. Thank you." With these hopeful words written on a tag around his neck, a young bear leaves his home to ... Read More