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"The Man from U.N.C.L.E." is Just the T.I.C.K.E.T.

It’s the 1960's: East Berlin. Middle of the night. A dashing young American CIA agent enters a mechanic's shop, and shortly thereafter flees with young, ... Read More

"Fantastic Four" Written by a Not-So-Fantastic Three

In a word, Fantastic Four... isn't. But I suppose you want something to back that up, so here goes: Unlike the Marvel Avengers movies we've ... Read More

Too Many Familiar Notes Mean Too Much "Ricki", Not Enough Flash

  If it wasn't for the formidable stage presence of Hollywood's favorite chameleon Meryl Streep (Into the Woods), Ricki and the Flash could easily ... Read More

Shepherd Your Flock and Go See "Shaun the Sheep"

At key junctures of Shaun the Sheep, the new stop-motion production from Wallace and Gromit creator Nick Park, the title character and his flock line ... Read More

The Kendrick Bros Take Their Films Beyond Sherwood

With several successful films like "Courageous and "Fireproof" now under their belts, Christian filmmakers Alex and Stephen Kendrick are now putting the finishing touches on ... Read More

Best "Mission" Yet is One You Should Choose to Accept

Has it occurred to anyone else that "Mission: Impossible" clearly isn't? After all, the redoubtable Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise, Rock of Ages) and his ... Read More

The Geeks Inherit the Earth in Entertaining "Pixels"

Let's face it, it's pretty easy for critics to hate on Adam Sandler movies. As he's turning 50 next year, one naturally expects that he'd ... Read More

"Ant-Man" is Jam-Packed with Small Pleasures

I'll be the first to admit that I thought Ant-Man, despite offering the very likable Paul Rudd (Anchorman 2) as the lead, might be the rare ... Read More

"Self/less" is Cinematic Escapism with Soul

I always think a good summer movie needs three things: a plot that keeps me interested, a reasonable amount of action, and—just saying—a little eye ... Read More

"Inside Out" a Literal Train Ride of Emotions in the Best Way Possible

Do you remember what it was like to be eleven? Here's a hint: it was not easy; growing up never is. For Riley (Kaitlyn ... Read More