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Music Matters: We really didn’t feel any pressure [when recording]. As we live our lives and walk with God, He teaches us and gives us inspiration. Life seems to dictate the themes and ideas from which our songs are born. With the great musicians in our band, a great producer and the hard work and input from our support team, we ended up with a record that we feel matters.  –Chad Mattson


Song Tenacity: We are constantly writing, so we had a lot of songs to choose from. We selected the songs that moved us the most. We are usually prepared with songs [before recording], but we are always looking for ways to make songs better right up until the end. –C.M.


International Influence: One of the things I love most about the guys in our band is that we come from all over the world. So we have different influences that spill into our sound. People who have listened to us in the past will definitely see our fingerprints on this record, but we’ve added a few new elements to keep it fresh. –C.M.


No Place Like . . . Because we travel a lot, it is nice to be home in Nashville with our families each night when we record. The comfort and peace of being home allows us to be focused and creative in the studio. –C.M.


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