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Darlene Zschech Completes Chemo to Treat Cancer


You may recall that we reported to you last December that Hillsong Worship Leader Darlene Zschech came forward to announce she had cancer and was about to undergo treatment.  After a very challenging journey undergoing chemotherapy, Darlene was happy to report on her blog that that portion of her treatment was finally over.

Although nothing conclusive was reported regarding her health, she implied that she at least had the disease on the run as she stated that after the upcoming radiation therapy, she would not have to do any more treatments.

I hope you can feel my excitement in this email as I have officially finished my last chemo!! Hallelujah is about the only word that fits at the moment. I am SO thankful that it is coming to an end. Radiation starts this coming week for 6 weeks. I shall be glowing from the inside out. And then thats it. Never again……

Thank you for your continued prayers. On the days where I have felt I cannot do it anymore, I literally have felt the strength of people praying for me. The power of the Holy Spirit to comfort and strengthen has been beyond what I have ever experienced before. Again, I am so thankful for every one of you.

I have had A LOT of time to think, and to think deeply. So much to reflect on and pray about. Yes, this season has changed me….. for the better I pray. I cry easily, not necessarily sad tears, but tears all the same. Even when I’m laughing I end up crying. I think the tears have taken the place of words for the time being. This too shall pass. One day the words to define this season will come. And I pray they bring HOPE to all who hear.

The amazing thing about her blog entry is not only the honesty of her struggle; pleading with God that He spare her of going through this journey, but also her ministry to others; reminding us all that no matter what we face, God will walk through that struggle with us.

Even though I unashamedly begged for God to heal me BEFORE treatment, He said to me that as I walked THROUGH He would never leave me. This is the truth for all of us today, no matter what you may be facing, even if God feels far away, our loving Father will never leave us or forsake us. I take GREAT pleasure in knowing this beyond a shadow of a doubt. He is with me. He is with you.

Beyond the upcoming radiation therapy, Darlene did not elaborate on what her future plans were.  To her, the most obvious sign she was better, and her biggest reason to rejoice was that she would return to church this week to do what God made her for - leading congregations in worship of Him.

So with this little thought I sign off. One thing I am super excited about is that this Sunday PM at our church, I am going to lead worship for the first time since this journey started. Even if its a bit rough and ready, Ieading people to the courts of our God is my greatest honour. I simply cannot wait! His presence truly IS heaven. We will pray on Sunday night for all those needing healing, and for all of you who’ve asked us to pray for loved ones. Yes we shall. Healing, in Jesus name.

OK.. much much love..


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