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Bravehearted Boys: The Superhero Experience National Tour

Church of the Saviour - Wooster, OH
Thursday, May 8, 2014

Superhero-Themed LIVE Event Helps Parents & Boys Connect

Event plays at Church of the Saviour - Wooster, Ohio on May 8, 2014 at 6:30pm

Every parent knows their son dreams of becoming a superhero someday, but they also want to pro-tect him from a scary world of “villains” ready to trip him up. How does a super mom or dad raise a super man? That’s where Bravehearted Boys: The Superhero Experience can help! It’s an all-new parent-son date night where bravery is rewarded, fun is guaranteed and capes are optional! According to one dad, it’s an event that’s “way worth skipping football practice for!”

Bravehearted Boys: The Superhero Experience national tour will stop locally in Wooster, Ohio on Thursday, May 8, 2014 at Church of the Saviour located at 480 Fry Road. The event starts at 6:30 pm with tickets available online at www.itickets.com or visit www.coswooster.com. Or you can buy tickets locally at Church of the Saviour, 480 Fry Road, Wooster, Ohio 44691. Tickets are $15 in advance or can be purchased the day of the event for $20. For more information, please call Melanie Miller, Youth Director at the church office at 330.264.5233.

Developed for parents (or mentors) and their boys (typically ages 5-12), this one-of-a-kind connecting experience is boy-friendly, dad-endorsed and mother-approved. You can think of it as real life superhero training. (And yes, you can even come dressed as your favorite superhero character!)

In between seat-gripping movie clips, superhero training challenges and a whole lot of high-energy hands-on fun, boys will almost forget they’re learning important lessons about character, courage and integrity, all while discovering their true source of bravery. They’ll also be reminded that mom and dad have a few superpowers of their own!

Meanwhile, parents take their own adventure into “boy world”—that strange, confusing place where their boys are laugh-ing together one minute and beating the stuffing out of each other the next. They’ll walk away with a better understanding of their son’s unique wiring through multiple connecting moments that intentionally set parents up to win!

Plenty of things influence a boy on his journey toward becoming a man, but there’s almost nothing that affects him quite as powerfully as parents. In fact, studies show that boys who have positive relationships with mom and dad (or a strong paren-tal presence) do better in school, experience fewer behavioral problems and possess stronger mental, social and emotional wellbeing.

However, as their sons grow older, parents sometimes struggle to find ways to connect with them. A boy often starts pushing away from mom and dad as he discovers his own identity, so it can be hard for parents to find the right balance between letting go and wanting to protect their little boy. That’s why a Bravehearted Boys event is strategically designed to facilitate the parent-son connection! By connecting with their son now, while he’s still a young boy, parents are effectively preparing him for the challenges he’ll face later as a teen—from peer pressure to issues of integrity. And the best part is you’ll have a blast doing it. As one mom put it, the show is “God-centered, action-packed and SO much FUN!”

Church of the Saviour
480 Fry Road
Wooster, OH  44691‚Äč
(330) 264-5233