Glenn Mertz

Spouse's name:  Jackie
Children:  Rachel 17, Evan 15
Favorite family activity:  Just being together
Funny family memory:  all my memories are funny
Most important thing your parents taught you:  About Christ
The one thing your parents did that you said you never would, but find yourself doing it now: “When I was your age…”
Where did you grow up:  On a farm in Penfield twp .
As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up:  It changed a lot. Cartoonist, musician, DJ, it goes on...
How long have you been in radio:  Since 1980
Favorite book:  The Bible, “Pilgrim’s Progress”
Favorite Movie:  Any of the Pink Panther movies.
Your favorite quote:  ”I love you Dad”
Hobbies outside work:  Collect comics
How long have you been at The Fish:  5 years
What is your favorite thing about working here:  Family atmosphere
What is your favorite Fish song:  I can only Imagine
Who is your favorite Fish artist:  Mercy Me
The best Fishy memory you have:  Meeting any of our listeners
When asked to describe Len in one word, Glen said:  Leader

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