Kristine Lane

Children:  Milo the cat and Sabelle 10
Favorite family activity:  playing board games
Funny family memory:  Every time we get together, there is something to laugh about!!
Most important thing your parents taught you:  Always stand up for what you believe in and what’s right!
Where did you grow up:  Lakewood, Ohio
As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up:  A doctor or lawyer
How long have you been in radio:  about 6 years
Favorite book:  Anything from Mary Higgins Clark
Favorite Movie:  Top Gun, The Diaries, Over the Hedge, Lion King
If you had 10 minutes to yourself with no interruptions what would you do?  Close my eyes and relax
Your favorite quote:  “Anything worth doing, is worth doing right!”
Have you ever been told you look like a celebrity?  If so who:  Demi Moore, I don’t see it.
Hobbies outside work:  playing sports, volleyball and softball in particular, reading, doing puzzles
How long have you been at The Fish:  2 years!
What is your favorite thing about working here:  I love the people, not just those that I work with, but the listeners as well. I get to listen to great music and talk to people about the important things in their lives.
What is your favorite Fish song:  “Brand New Day” from Fireflight
Who is your favorite Fish artist:  Toby Mac
The best Fishy memory you have:  Getting to announce Casting Crowns at the Wolstein Center. It was such a rush. I got to meet them too. They are so nice!
When asked to describe Glenn in one word, Kristine said:  Good-Hearted. (The judges are still out on whether or not this is truly one word)
When asked to relay something funny about Len, Kristine said:  You never know what Len is going to say. He’s very unpredictable. You can be certain though, at least once a week to hear him say “What’s goin’ on?”  It’s more than just the words, it’s the look on his face when he says it.  I always get a good laugh.

Kristine is a Northeast Ohio native and was born and raised in Lakewood and still misses the days of playing with friends in her quiet neighborhood.  She attended St. Augustine Academy and was very active in sports and could often be found on the stage for drama club.

Kristine is happily married to Fish Morning Show Producer Greg Mack. Greg proposed to Kristine on the special 2006 Valentine’s Day Show at IHOP.

Kristine LOVES dogs and plans to have one of her very own in the near future. She likes to read when she has the time and finds it very relaxing. She also is a HUGE Cleveland Indians fan. She will cheer on the team whether they are winning or losing, especially Grady Sizemore!!

Being in radio has always been a dream for Kristine and she is so happy to be doing something she loves. The Fish listeners are amazing and she wouldn’t trade them for the world.

Some of Kristine’s favorite Fish artists are Toby Mac, Newsong, Newsboys, Point of Grace, V*enna, Jeremy Camp, and Kirk Franklin.

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