Sean McNeill

Sean has been writing music for over 10 years and has been performing at various places throughout the country.  In 2004, Sean made it through the Hollywood round of American Idol to the Top 50.

He was told by Paula Abdul that "she loved the tone of his voice."  Randy Jackson said—"I can tell that people just like you."  Simon Cowell, said yes, because personality can sell records!  Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray, said "If I don’t send you to Hollywood, my mother will kill me!" but more importantly—He could feel the spirituality coming off of Sean...

Sean is the worship leader at The Bridge in Akron, OH www.bridge316.com, where he leads every week with the help of an amazing group of musicians that are committed to bringing people into the presence of God.

Sean’s heart has always been to make great music.  He is a natural performer, but feels that the attention he gets, belongs to God. Being a worship leader first and foremost is Sean’s highest call.  Writing songs about love and life, are just a passion of his, and a way to express himself to the world.

Sean has been a worship leader for 15 years throughout the Country with his wife Mindy and his two beautiful children.  He met his wife at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA where he studied Youth Ministry and Missions.  After various assignments throughout the US, his family was called to Akron to minister.  He feels blessed to be a part of God's Kingdom here in Northeast, OH and wants to be a blessing and encouragement to others throughout the year. He hopes that you find inspiration form the songs and the messages that they represent to help you find strength for the week, while at work, play or at home with the kids.


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